Infant Room 1

First Floor

Maximum Capacity – 6 Infants

Ages – 6 Weeks through 12 Months

Ratio – 4:1 There will be one teacher for infants. Cribs- Each child will have their own crib.

Infant Room 2

First Floor

Maximum Capacity – 4 Infants

Ages – 12 Months Through 18 Months

Ratio – 4:1 – There will be one teacher for every four infants. Cots- Provided at Nap time.


Infants develop at their own pace. There will be a diversity of age appropriate toys and play equipment for the infants.


An information sheet will be sent home daily which will list: ounces of formula, juice, food intake, diapers used bowel movements and consistency.


All supplies must be provided by parents. All formula, diapers, diaper wipes, changes of clothes, jars of baby food and juice. You supply the bedding weekly, on Fridays you take home the bedding to wash and bring back the next week.


There is a nurse consultant.


Infants must stay home if they have a fever or any contagious disease. Medications will be adminsitered according 

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